[Tutorial] How to 'manually' install ERPNext v13.11 Production on Debian 10 (w/SSL cert)

I think installation procudure can be summarized as

  • Install required apps (mariadb, redis, nginx, etc…)
  • Install bench and frappe
  • Install erpnext
  • setup production
  • dns, site, ssl post configurations.

These are independent actions I believe.

So I think we need clear steps for each action. It would also help anyone if we can identify which step they have trouble.

We can create something like this for each step I think.

Excelente tutorial despues de muchos intentos hasta ahora, por fin logre instalarlo con exito … Gracias BKM

There is currently an issue at this step:

bench init --frappe-branch version-13 frappe-bench

This error comes up:

The virtual environment was not created successfully because ensurepip is not
available. On Debian/Ubuntu systems, you need to install the python3-venv
package using the following command.

apt install python3.8-venv

You may need to use sudo with that command. After installing the python3-venv
package, recreate your virtual environment.

The fix is to run:

apt install python3.8-venv

And the installation will continue afterwards.