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[TURKEY] E-Invoice Sending App

Hi all,
We’ve developed an application to send e-invoices within the ERPNext.


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E-Fatura gönderimlerinizi bulut tabanlı ERPNext ile bedava yapabilirsiniz.


This is very good
It will enhance the chances of its use by companies in Turkey
I would love to participate.

Sure, we are also looking for HR module customizations for Turkey region. If anyone did anything with respect to HR in Turkey we would love to listen.

I have not made special customizations for Turkey in HR Module but I can do that if you have a plan for what to do.

Hi, will e-invoice receiving and e-irsaliye feature come?
Thank You. :blush:

E-Receipt (Aka e-irsaliye) is already developed. It is in the same repo.

For receiving part we need more clients.

Hi everyone, do you know if they also use facture-X as seen here

Sorry? Who uses what?

Hi @TurkerTunali

…if the turkish e-invoicing uses the factur-x libraries.


I don’t think so.

Best Regards,