Trying to install ERPNext on Contabo VPS but cannot execute Bench command as root user

We have just purchased Contabo VPS. It is running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

I am trying to install Frappe and ERPNext on it by following the tutorial by D-codE here GitHub - D-codE-Hub/Guide-to-Install-Frappe-ERPNext-in-Ubuntu-22.04-LTS: A complete Guide to Install Frappe Bench in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and install Frappe/ERPNext Application

I am able to install Bench but when I try to install Frappe using the Bench command bench init frappe-bench I get Warning message that cannot run Bench as root user and nothing happens.

So I have create a user and am trying to install from that user.

Is this the correct way forward?


I usually create a frappe user via

adduser USERNAME (enter password and others details and press y)
usermod  -aG sudo USERNAME

PS: This one is also very detailed.

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That is exactly what I have done, but I just wanted to confirm that I was doing something wrong.