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Tree structures don't filter data as per User's Expectations FRAPPE Issue or is it by Design?



Is this an issue with the frappe framework or is it done by design as to how it searches for the database items in the list view and even reports for tree filters like Territory, Department, Item Group, Customer Group. Currently the team has been converting a lot of tables into the tree which is a good thing but the list view is not updated to show the same results. Let’s take an example for territory in customer list, the territory doctype is a tree structure but when we select a territory in the list view which is a NODE then ideally it should show the results of all the items under that node and not just that node items. See the example below, here in the first screenshot I have searched for territory DELHI which shows a lot of customers but DELHI is a CHILD of NORTH INDIA territory but when we select NORTH INDIA nothing shows up which is not the user must be expecting, also the third screen shot is show the tree view just to confirm this behaviour is not a mistake on user’s part

Just to confirm that this would be a very efficient way to drill down for tree items since it covers the whole of erpnext and not just territory, it should be applicable to reports as well and not just to the list view.

I have created a github issue for the same, surprisingly no one has pointed out this before