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Treating/moving a stock item as an asset



I’ve been trying to find a way to move a single stock item into an asset. Let’s say I purchase laptops and sell them. But among the bought laptops, I want to use one/multiple laptops for office work which should be assets. Now, the item code/name everything is same. Let’s say, among 100 laptops, I want to use 5 and sell the rest.

As asset item can not be stock item, I couldn’t find any resolution to this. The best way-around I found is that, I transfer all the stock item, making stock adjustment. Ref: Moving Asset from Stock Item to Fixed Asset Item

I really appreciate any help regarding this.



That would be useful to me too. In another ERP I managed this kind of flow by creating both assets and stock items. Stock items would have batch number same as asset number so their tracable. Not very easy solution though.


if laptop issued for internal usage you should perform an internal issue transaction where below journals will be created.

Dr used account at internal usage issue trx account @average cost
Cr material account @average cost

at this point your stock value and qty are correct, used account is holding a value which is wrong, since it’s clearing account it should be cleared.

as mentioned in the article “Ref: Moving Asset from Stock Item to Fixed Asset Item” you should create manually an asset and complete steps there for depreciation and assignment and so on…



@nmami I’m not really sure if I understand your concept and I’m still on V10, I don’t think I have the option to make an account as Inter Company Account/ Internal Issue transaction.

Also, the main issue was while creating an asset, I will need to select an item, which is still a stock item.

Thank you for your help, but I think this is complicated for me and there should a much simpler way.

Thanks again.