Translating Item Master Data for multilanguage use in Transaction

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we have a customer requirement in which people with different language skills are working on one system. As we only want to maintain one Item Master we chose not use Item Variant with e.g. DE, EN, ES with according Item Descriptions.

As item_name and description in say Quotation Item are carried forward to Sales Order Item the translation only needs to be set once. We are trying to do this by maintaining a seperate DocType Item Translation which can be selected at transaction level.

See for yourself:

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This may help, or maybe already been seen:

thanks @smino my article is not about the print translations but rather translations inside the UI when using the Desk as multilingual company where not everyone speaks every language…

I have updated my initial post with a link to a demo:


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please can you introduction how can i do this translation for my item
(auf einen ein bisschen deutsch) Guten Tag : bitte können sie einleitung wie kann ich mache diese übersetzung für mein item

To do this you need to create fields for each language in your item master. Then, you also create all these fields in your transaction items (e.g. Sales Order Item) and controll the whole thing on your print via a language choice.

It’s very manual but it works and is highly flexible and you do not need about errors with auto-translations.

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