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Transit Stock Suggestion


Dear Team
i had a meeting yesterday with Client, he was very satisfied with ERPnext Except for missing feature in stock which is transit stock
here is the case:
this client has many warehouses over Saudi Arabia and he transferring stock from the main warehouse to branches warehouses and while items on the street for targeted warehouse it will be available in Source because they do not submit stock transfer before it reaches targeted warehouse and could be used in sales transactions or any other transactions
my suggestion we can add a checkbox with name book non-submit stock transfer
help me guys with your suggestions to make this feature available in ERPnext 11


Stock in Transit

What is the transit time of goods movements from Main to Branch warehouse? Just curious to understand the dynamic nature of a transaction.


How about you set up a new Warehouse called Transit. So let’s say you are moving goods from Warehouse to Warehouse B. As the goods are loaded up in the truck, make a Stock Transfer from Warehouse A to Transit warehouse on ERPNext. As the Truck reaches Warehouse B, make another Stock Transfer from Transit to Warehouse B.

Won’t that serve your purpose? Or is there something I’m missing?




As long as Item on the street for targeted warhouse it will the time


Mr. Jay i suggested the same scenario but it will be double work
thank you for contribution


Sure. But Duplicating the Stock Entry and changing the Default Source and Destination warehouses will take less than 15 seconds. The same amount of time it will take them to do anything else. Like changing the flag on the Stock Entry.

Plus if you run a simple stock balance report of the Transit Warehouse, it will give you all the stock that is in Transit. I think it is the simplest approach. And when it comes to ERP the simplest approach is the bestest (I use bad grammar for effect) approach.

Hope this helps.




The client counting each clicks and steps , this client doing huge number of transactions per-day and i think the countrol is weak in this scenario and it is depends on Employee memory
if we could conduct this suggestion i think binifits will be
1- keep the whole transaction in one transaction
2- track will be easy ( because it is one screen) some one will creat transfer stock and targeted warehouse Employee will submitt the transaction
3- avoiding double work and close the door for any mess



to Handel Stock in Transit, you can use Work Flow and apply it on Stock Entry.

with Two states, you can easily archive this use case.



@Flexsofts use Workflow. But I still think two stock entries is what you will get to after many months of trying this.




Suggestion :
i) Create a fictional warehouse called as TRANSIT.
ii) Inside STOCK module,
Create a new feature/form called as “DC AKNOWLEDGEMENT”(Screenshot below)
iii) All transferred goods will automatically transferred to the Warehouse “TRANSIT”
iv) Recieved stocks are scanned at stores/warehouses.
v) After scanning each and every product, when submit button is clicked, those products will gets transferred from point A to point B.
vi) those products which are not scanned, are considered as LOST IN TRANSIT