Transfer material from one company to another

Been trying to lol!!! Can’t figure it out.

Outsource it to someone that can? Am sure one of the tested programmers on this platform will take it on for the right price

You can do it through Sales and Purchase Invoice with update stock.
Even in Customer and Supplier you can link corresponding company.
Check V12.

Problem with this is that money doesn’t exchange hands in my use case. We maintain a single warehouse records across all companies and each company can request for materials directly from the warehouse.

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So there is a centralized purchase system implemented. Since each company is an independent legal entity thus its better to transfer material using Sales and Purchase Invoice to record transaction correctly as per accounting standard.

Can any one suggest how it is being done in inter company transection for purchase / sales. no material found and need to implement

Steps for Inter company transaction:

  1. Create Customer named as Company (e.g. Company A), check Is Internal Customer option and select appropriate company (e.g. Company A). Add company under Allowed To Transact With

  2. Create Supplier named as Company (e.g. Company B), check Is Internal Customer option and select appropriate company (e.g. Company B). Add company under Allowed To Transact With

  3. Create Sales Invoice using customer created as above (e.g. Company A) : System will automatically show Inter Company Invoice option under Create after submission.

  4. When you click on Inter Company Invoice option system will go to Purchase Invoice with all required details. From here you can create Purchase Invoice and Submit it.

  5. Both Sales and Purchase Invoice documents are having inter document reference which you can see in Inter Company Invoice Reference field.

Hope this will help you.

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Thanks it worked only after submission of invoice.

Can this work?

In company A

  1. Create a warehouse called ITEMS TRANSFERRED TO B
  2. Make a material transfer from any source warehouse to ITEMS TRANSFERRED TO B warehouse

In company B

  1. Create a warehouse called ITEMS RECEIVED FROM A
  2. Make a material transfer from ITEMS RECEIVED FROM A to destination warehouse
    NOTE: Negative balance is enabled for ITEMS RECEIVED FROM A

Then companies A and B exchange signed material transfer docs as delivery and reception notes respectively :pray:

Here is also one question.
How to syncronyze costs of items for sale invoice and purchase invoice.
I.e. purchase price must be equal to sale price

And maybe there is a more simplified method of inter-company materials transfers, cause in case of 6 companies, which are the children of one head company and having 7 virtual customers and 7 virtual suppliers are not very useful, cause they can move stocks everyone with others.