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Training or Certifications for ERPNext - Certified providers


Dear Community members,
I would like to get training on ERPNext do you have a reliable trainer in the GCC region like in Dubai? I need to learn how to deploy it and the setup requirements of every module in addition to business cycle and the transaction flow between every module. Lastly I need to learn how to setup custom applications and deploy multi tenant/ site instances.

Note for ERPNext management It will be great if there are Certified Training providers beside service providers

Your help in this would be really appreciated

Best regards



Sorry but we do not have any certified trainers for ERPNext as we believe in remote implementation. But we know sometimes User Manual and hands on practice is not enough. Thus, we conduct webinars every now and then. We host functional as well as developer webinars. We also have our Help Videos which will help you understand the functional side and also development of ERPNext.
You can find all the related links below:

YouTube Channel:
Help Videos:
User Manual:

Hope this helps.


It would be gr8 for foundation if they take lead on certification for erpnext implementors.

It would bolster the quality of implementations .

And Tally erp grew to what it is because of training centres


Hi @tncbahrain We are in Bahrain. Contact us Maybe we can assist you.