Traefik Default Cert - How do I set up Letsencrypt on containerized install?

I recently created an ERPNext instance using docker-compose. I have no idea how to run certbot. From what I’ve been reading the traefik container handles this. But I do not no which command to run on traefik container to run certbot.

Any help would be much appreciated.

which docker-compose.yml did you use?

The one which comes in the root dir of frappe_docker repo will configure letsencrypt auto renewal automatically, you need to copy the env-production to .env and change the *VERSION(s), letsencrypt EMAIL, SITE_NAME and SITES environment variable as per requirement.

The labels used on erpnext-nginx container in that docker-compose file manage the certificate, routing and other traefik configuration.

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Yeah, I had the default “” entries in there when I created the instance. And then I changed it later, but it still had the self-signed default traefix certificate.

remove all the containers and volumes and try again. That must have created as first site.

I figured it out. I did not have port 80 open for acme challenge to complete. Thanks for your help.