Title Field not showing on link field

I am creating a new app and having problems with showing the title in link fields.

From what I have gathered, to do that I should put the set the title field when creating the doctype. So I have two doctypes, Property and Property Unit. In Property Unit I have a link field to Property. In Property, I have specified a naming_series Select field and used it in the Auto Name. I also have a field property_name that I have specified in the Title Field.

Now, when I try to create a Property Unit record in the app, I expect that in the link field for selecting a Property, once I choose the Property, the property_name should appear. However, what appears is the Auto Name field.

Here is how it looks:

The naming…

After selecting a property…

What am I doing wrong? How can I get it to work the way I want?


@weakref , As per my understanding you want to display property_name in Property field on Property Unit form, right?
But your Property form is saved by ‘PRO-00001’ and this is the name of form, so it is not possible to appear property_name in Property field. It possible only when your Property form get saved by property_name.

One another way is that, you have to add one more field Property Name and when you select property (PRO-00001) then respective property_name get auto-set in this new field.

Title Field is different concept. When you set Title Field then it appears on top left side of form.

Thanks, Priya

Thanks @priya_s. I did the option to use another field and in the options I can put link_field_name.field_I_want and it works well.

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