The new Payment Enrty and special situations

Every three month I calculate VAT and pay to the Tax Authority…I use a JV crediting my Bank account and debiting my VAT accounts.
I really like the new Payment tool…Do not have to strain my brain about credit and debit…
It would be nice if the Party concept and the payment Entry would be extended to cater for these kind of special situations…

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Maybe the VAT authority should become a Party (supplier?)

Edit: cc @nabinhait

Yes, I have been thinking of that…and studied
Don’t feel sure about the consequence…'The manual states
For outgoing payment:

Debit: Supplier (Creditor)
Credit: Bank or Cash Account

I used to do it like this: Debit 2 Vat accounts (6 % 21%) and credit the bank account

Would highly appreciate opinion of @nabinhait and/or @umair un the matter
rgds robert