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I have been playing around and learning ERPNext for a few months now. I really see its potential and have finally decided, that I want to move all our operations to ERPNext. However there is a problem and that’s the german translation. It’s not only bad, but barely usable. The most basic words are wrong (e.g. “no” gets translated to “Kein” instead on “Nein”, honestly thats just embarrassing) or the meaning is lost in translation. It feels like being translated by Google Translator or some other machine translator which doesn’t know the context.

This really scares off beginners who try ERPNext for the first time and particularly scares of skeptics. Running it in English may be an option for startups with young employees, but to really gain traction in the german market a proper translation is a must-have, since the majority is not willing/able to work on an English system on a daily basis.

Now the question is of course how to get there. Since ERPNext is open-source and free to use I would be willing to invest in a german translation. First however a few things must be clarified. I’ve heard (I think in a video from @Martin_Seibert) , that the german translation was better some time ago, but somehow really got messed up and mixed with auto-translations. This leads me to worry that the same thing might happen again. Another thing is the translation system. If I want to hire professional translators, the system is very counterproductive in my opinion. It would be far better to have a CSV or a tool where translators can work linearly - string by string - until everything is translated perfectly. So this leads to my two main questions directed to the ERPNext team (would be nice if @rmehta would join the discussion, since this is critical for the success of ERPNext in the german market - at least as i see it) :

1) Can we assume that a german translation would not get messed up again?

2) Is there a way to translate the whole system string by string?

I would love to see ERPNext really gain traction in Germany but think a proper translation is key to that. Therefore I really would welcome a discussion on this topic from other german users and the ERPNext team!!


Any thoughts?

In the release of v13 there will be a better translation system which will give you more confidence.


Why have I only found this today? I am totally in the same positionas @bene here. We have a number of employees who are most certainly in the second half of their career at least. I won’t go into detail what other special “needs” (not really, just wishes and things they are used to) I am facing here…

Back to topic - English is not an option for them. The lacking translation is as bad an issue as the fact that I have not found any clear documentation on how it’s handled, but instead there’s plenty of contradicting information and links that lead nowhere in this forum. The is a thing, yes, but I can’t seem to get any effect to my installation out of it.

Next point is that we need fully translated versions of our item descriptions. Everything we do here is German first and then we may or may not, depending if needed, add an English translation to it.
Neither have I found (yet, only a month of searching or so) how to set the item description to “translatable” (because that seems to be one way I found), nor any other path leading me to solve this requirement for our company.

Once more @bene: Have you been able to solve anything of this for yourself, and if so - how please? I am really going round in circles, unable to find solutions to such issues that should be rather trivial.

@everybody else: I am sure there must be the same issues in other languages. Are y’all’s countries really that bilingual that it doesn’t matter to you?

It’s kinda getting urgent for me here. I am trying to move on with implementing and adapting, and the deeper I dig the more translation issues I discover, while being unable to resolve them makes it harder and harder to justify the use of ERPNext, which used to be the top candidate after first evaluation.

Hi @mwrsa I have also problems with translation i polish. Have you found any solution?
I suppose that you have already found that custom translation.

Hallo zusammen,

wir von tüit GmbH, pflegen eine eigene Dokumentation auf zum System. Dort habe ich auch eine Seite zum Thema Übersetzung erstellt:übersetzungen-(translation)

Dort befindet sich eine CSV welcher in das eigene System hochgeladen werden kann.

Leider hat es in der Version 13 einige Übersetzungen zerschossen. Auch das Translation Tool funktioniert irgendwie nicht wie es soll…

Bei Fragen gerne jederzeit melden.


Hello everyone,

we have created a german documentation for ERPNext on You’ll find a page on translations here:übersetzungen-(translation)

Feel free to download the csv and import it to your system.

Unfortunatelly after v13 update many translations have been messed up.

Feel free to contact me on the matter.

Viele Grüße

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Not really, @Krzysztof. Like @wojosc writes: V.13 didn’t do its best concerning the translations. I lost all local translations through the update. From my experience though, the Translation Tool works most of the time, only a few parts of the desk don’t work for me.

Thanks for the links to your documentation, @wojosc!