Testing of pre-installed Virtual Box Image?

I am new user
I want to test erpnext
I have downloaded the pre-installed Virtual Box Image
I opened it into VMWare workstation 12 with NAT as network connection
when i acces to localhost:8080 the site seems unreachable

Check your port Forwarding. Change your Host port no for guest port no 8000

thanks for the replay
i change the host post 8080 to 8000 and i still can’t access to the site

Vm_http TCP 8008 80
vm_http2 TCP 8080 8000
vm_ssh TCP 3022 22

These are the port settings I have used.I am accessing the browser with localhost:8080.

NOTE: These are settings for development vm .

For production use :
vm_http TCP 8080 80
vm_ssh TCP 3022 22