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Test created automatically

When i submit sales invoice,the following message is displayed:

I want the lap test to create automatically when i submit sales invoice.
see below my setting for healthcare.


Have you created a Lab Test Template? Make sure the item which is selected in the Sales Invoice has a Lab Test template created against it.

Once that is done, try submitting the Sales Invoice. Lab tests should then get created automatically on submission of the Sales Invoice.

Hope this helps.

I have created a lab test template with the item food test

I have created a patient where it automatically create it as a customer

I have create a sales invoice using this patient(customer) and input that item (food test )in the sales invoice.still the lab test did not create.
Can you please advise?

These steps seem correct. Could you please let us know the version you’re working on?


Could you please update it to the latest version? The issue does not exist in the latest version. Let us know if it still exists after update.