Tax on Cash Receipts


In my country, Angola, we have to pay something called Stamp Tax, which basically is a 1% tax of every cash we collect from our customers.

Is there a way to set it up in ERP Next?

yes, with the tax and charges template…consult manual…

Been there already…

@ManMisha where are you stuck? You can post this amount as a part of your invoice (or add a new entry in Payment Entry)

Hi Rmehta,

Sorry the late reply to the topic, was off on leave and from business.

According to the Angolan legislation you have to pay 1% of your receipts as Stamp Tax.

This is not to be added on the top of your invoice like a normal sales tax, but it is a sales expense, my idea is to automate the process, meaning that in every receipt i issue to my customers, ERPNext would automatically create an entry to a creditor called stamp tax and then capture it.




You can manage this in Sale Taxes and Charges Template. Create a new account as Stamp Tax under Expenes and add this in your Tax Template.

Hope this helps.


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