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Task Workflow In ERPNext

How to create task workflow in erp next with updated field and value. I have tried a lot but did not any desired workflow.

If you want help, you should include much more detail in your question. (1) What exactly are you trying to do? (2) What have you tried? (3) What happened when you tried it?

1). I have tried for making workflow with task but when projects manager changes status from pending review it gives error like insufficient permission for task.
2). can u suggest me any workflow for task:-

Task Workflow:-

-> Open(Project User)
-> Pending to Working(Project User)
-> Pending to Review (Project User)
-> Pending to Cancelled(Project Manager)
-> Pending To Completed(Project Manager)


-> Open -> Pending To Working(Project User)
-> Open -> pending For Cancelled(Project User)
-> Pending to Woking -> Pending For review(Project uset)
-> Pending For Review -> Pending For Working(Project Manager)
-> Pending For Review -> Pending For Cancelled(Project User)
-> Pending For Review -> Pending For Completed(Project Mnager)

kindly suggest me according this

Have you set permissions correctly?

Please post the exact error message you are getting, with screenshot if possible.

Can u suggest me proper workflow for task please.