Task management for the team under the Manager

I have following user case. Please let me know how to configure erpnext for it.

  1. Each manager is responsible for the some customers.
  2. The manager has a team - Team members are responsible for some tasks.
  3. The manager should be able to see and do CRUD operations for the tasks of the team members.
  4. Team members should not have access to the manager’s task.
  5. All team members should be able to see the task assigned to the team.



Quick resolve: Use Share feature to assign Projects to Manager and Task to their subordinates.


Role Permissions:

  1. In Project and Task, add a custom link field of User.


  1. In the Role Permission Manager, check Apply User Permission.
  2. Then click on “Select Document Types” and check User field.


Thanks for reply.
Does it mean that - there is no team concept in ErpNext ?