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Task loses link to project



we have a problem that task after some time loses the link to the project.

For example yesterday I created two different tasks. Task X was linked to project A and task Y was linked to project B.

Today when I looked at those tasks they didn’t have that link anymore.

This hasn’t happened before. Is there solution for this?

We are running ERPNext v11.1.27 and Frappe Framework v11.1.27.


I have a similar problem. When I add the task from outside the project and link it to it, after I save and reload the page, I find that the link has been removed.

I guess maybe it’s Bug.


Please specify the particular steps and context reproduce this issue and report it on


I think it’s the same error report here

it was that you couldn’t add tasks to a project from the task doctype.


when you add a task from a task doctype and link it to an existing project, the number of tasks within the project increases by one, but it does not appear within the task table within the project.
If you try to modify the project page, it will unlink the project from the newly added task.
In addition, any change to any task within the same task is not reflected on the tasks within the project, for example change the start date or end date or task name.



Updating a task belongs to a project from outside the project view

Nice choice, @rmehta, to remove this!

But the problem we all have, tasks disappear from one day to another, is not fixed. We need something in v11 that makes it possible to use projects until v12.


@Nahuel_Nso have made a PR (now closed) that fix this for v11. It needs some tests, anyone can help with this?