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When will ERPNext support DD MMM YYYY?
I am presently exploring ERPNext. While going through the system settings, I noticed that this date format does not exist.
How can I create my own date format to show up here?
What is the process or how do I customize this setting?
(I am a total noob to Frappe and ERPNext btw)


Hi, go to /desk#Form/System Settings and change the date and time settings there.

One thing that I would like to have, maybe as a feature request, is that we are able to choose the first day of the week. Now it’s sunday in every pick calendar, but in Europe, we work with monday.


Exactly, Laurens
I did go to /desk#Form/System Settings. But here I cannot change the date format to DD-MMM-YYYY (ie 12-Jul-2016). Because there is no such option available.

So my query was how do I create such option to show up in the System Settings page?


Are you sure you logged in as administrator? You should have sufficient rights to change certain parameters.

I took a screenshot for you how it should look:

Hi @sankethkumar @Laurens,
Did you find any solution ?
How can I formate date e.g. ("%d %B %Y") 12-Jul-2016.

Many Thanks,

@Laurens I have added my format as dd-mmm-yyyy.
changes reflect every where in the application,
But it shows error on datepicker.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I am facing the same issue. Have you found any solution for the same?
That would be a great help.

Bumping this thread, hoping for a solution

Yes, please, this would be great. It really makes reading dates a scanable action, specially when dealing with multi language operations where mm-dd-yyyy is also a thing as the usual dd-mm-yyyy

Also looking for the ability to change the date format, though based in UK we use the dd-mmm-yyyy format to avoid confusion with different implimentations of dd-mm-yy or mm-dd-yy.

Raised this as a Feature Request. Hopefully someone will be able to implement it as an option.