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Switching between number formats for a multi company multi number format setup


I just started evaluating ERPnext and although I really do like it I still have a lot to learn. This leads me to a questions I have yet to find an answer to.

I have a company in Germany that manufactures products and a company in the USA that sells the products. I need to have the German number format on the German company docs and the USA format on the USA company docs. When I first ran through the setup wizard there was a number format option but when I set up the second company there don’t seem to be options for this in the company settings. Can somebody point me in the right direction as to how I might solve this problem?



Hello, @owen
Greetings from Frappe! Thanks for showing your interest in ERPNext.
If by number formats you mean the naming series for the various DocTypes, then you can create unique series’ using the “Naming series” utility of ERPNext. In the below screenshot, I have set up two such series, one for company “IRL”, and another for “Test company”, in a similar fashion you can create it for Items.

Please check out the below link to learn more:
Hope this helps.


I think @owen means the number formats like …

  • #,###.## (USA) vs #.###,## - (Germany)
  • mm-dd-yyyy (USA) vs dd-mm-yyyy (Germany)

… not the Naming series

unfortunately I believe this is a global setting on ERPNext and not available on a per Company level. So you’d need to choose any of those 2 and have users adopt to it.

It’s located in Setup > System Settings >DATE AND NUMBER FORMAT

For the date format you could use ISO format yyyy-mm-dd (which does not comfort any of your groups though but is the most logical one)


Yes, this is what I was referring too. Is it possible to change it just for invoices and POs etc? I don’t think it needs to display a different format in the accounts just on the docs sent to customers and vendors.


Thanks for the correction. :slight_smile:
Also, as @vrms said, as of now, it’s not available on Company level.


would it be possible with scripting?


Can be attempted. Let us know how it works out for you!


@owen @Jai_Chavan there will be lots of places where the script should be injected. Because technically the rendering part of the numbes for (presumably jinja templates for reports and normal python functions for forms) only look for global settings. While we are looking at company level perspective. It has to be changed in the core ERP modules…


Thank you Joshiparthin this saves me the time of researching the feasibility of scripting it. So I’m guessing there are no other work arounds? I only need it to work on invoices PO and SO forms. Seams to me there must be someone else who has run into this problem?


You can add a feature request or sponsor the feature if you want to Frappe Team. If the feature is worth to be accommodated by the team and it will be taken up in the core.

Or you can go ahead and custimise things by your self. But you will have to make sure you manage the code well with the future updates…


What would it take to sponsor this as a feature? Unfortunately I am not competent enough at programing to take this on my self.


you can post a job at, or find others interested in this feature and willing to invest in this and create a bounty on

Good way is to create an issue on github and use this as a reference.