Swissdec compatibility

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For Swiss business, it is important to be Swissdec compatible. I understand ERPNext is not Swissdec certified. Any plane to support Swissdec in the future or anyone managed to import / export information to adapt ERPNext to Swissdec?

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If you can point us in the right direction about this and help us with the requirements for being Swissdec certified, surely the Frappe team/Foundation can have a swing at this!

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Swissdec is a norme for sending Salary information to the Swiss authorities.

Below is a link on the Swissdec web site for the process of certifying a third party software (ERPNext for example)

Below is are links on the Swissdec web site with the latest directives
Both pages have .zip files containing documentations, xml and example files.

I believe, to support Swissdec, ERPNext accouting / salary would need to be configured to follow the Swissdec structure. Maybe this could be automated with an XML importer to stay up to date with the latest directives.
And an XML generator would be required to export the Salary information from ERPNext to the Swiss authorities.

Below is a link where I think generated xml data can be checked.

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