Super email user role

Is it necessary to give the super email user role to user to be able to use inbox or not necessary?
And is it necessary to append email account to communications to be able to use inbox or not necessary?
And please I am facing troubles to set up email inbox for users, is there any useful documentations?

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Its not necessary to use that role for the email inbox.

I’m not sure if you need to append email account to communications doctype for inbox usage, but generally its a good idea to do this.

There isnt many docs yet for the email inbox. Best is to review the webinars that mentioned this a couple of months back

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If you want to use Email Inbox feature, the that Email must be linked with the User’s account. Email Inbox is always for an individual. If you want to make Emails accessible to all the team members, then use Email Account feature for it.

Dear @umair I am really confused please help.
I created the email account for a user then this email account linked to user inbox.
But if I did not give this user super email user role the inbox not work (not receive emails and not show sent items).
And if I give this user super email user role the inbox receive emails but shows all sent emails even the emails sent from other users.
Please what the right role permission for inbox???

May I know which role are you referring to by Super Email User Role, as there is no such standard Role. Just linking an email with the User master should be enough to access Email Inbox.

@makarand_b can you review this once?

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Dear @umair the email inbox not work without giving the user Super Email User Role???
I am asking about the permissions between Communication Doctype and Super Email User Role.
I am really facing problems to understand email inbox setup, it is not working properly with me.

@umair I am also facing same problem. Please see the following link
I think script could not creat super email user role

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Hii @umair @makarand_b any updates please regarding the subject

Facing the same problem.

Same here

Hi All, I had the same issue. I think it was a bug in one of the upgrades. If you create a role “Super Email User”, it will then work.

Hi … I tried many times to get an answer for this issue but no answer. I think the email inbox feature not ready to work and still need improvements so I stopped using it.

@dufani1 @ArundhatiS , by default there is no “Super Email User” you need to create one and assign this role to user. Doing this enables imap access for particular user. User is able to see email for his particular inbox. Note, for sent items all users email are seen.
thanks @dufani1 for calling this out. it is a bug and needs to be fixed.

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@ashish-greycube I looking forward to see the inbox feature working properly especially for imap emails and I am glad to be a part of this amazing community.

@makarand_b makarand, can you please look into this and confirm it is a bug. Thanks

Setting up the role Super Email User and then activating the role on the user itself did the trick for me too. Though it is unfortunate, that I see everyone elses Sent emails to. Can I maybe somehow limit to permissions for “sent by”?

Activated Super Email Role will enabled User to see all the communication/emails made from other users, It should be enabled for this users only, I think it is the bug. Without enable Super Email Role for users, the Email Inbox dont show any email / communication but in the status (Notification at the up-right corner) they show the Email with numbers. I already setup the account for user correct).
Please anyone have the solution, please kindly advices with many thanks.

@david69 the best thing is to open an issue for this I tried many times in community but no solution so far.

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I think someone from Foundation already involved this issues like @umair and @makarand_b tagged, but @dufani1 you have any ideas or just stop using it?
It’s really a very good thing to link things together from internal to external closely, if it work as desired.

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Dear @david69 I know this feature is very important . I am feeling that the community members are aware about it and there is something not clear about this issue!!! So I stopped using it as it is not reliable.