Subscription V9 recurring invoices

I am trying to create a subscription that should create invoices automatically but its not working, want to know if I am missing any thing. Can some one let us know the correct way to setup a subscription please.

can you check scheduler is on.

How do you do that? I just setup a bunch of them too and want to ensure it will work for me as well.

Hi Guys,

I actually found out how its done, you have to create an invoice and then create subscription. While creating subscription select Sales Invoice in Reference Doctype and in Reference Document select the invoice you want to created earlier that you want to regenerate every month/day/quarter or year.

It worked for me hope it does for all of you guys.



I tried creating one on a demo account and the next scheduled date was set for today. So far I haven’t seen any newly generated invoice yet. Is there a specific time of day when the recurring invoices get generated?


To add a little more color here. Be mindful of the start date and the frequency. For example, in my setup I had a collection of invoices I wanted to run monthly starting 11/1. Here is what I have


Notice the next scheduled date! So nothing run this month because I used a start date of 11/1 instead of 10/1. If I had put 10/1 as the start date, then the next scheduled date would have been 11/5 and not 12/5. I created the SINVs i needed manually this morning. Hopefully they will all run on 12/5.

Am I reading this correctly you cant just check of a few boxes from within invoice to have monthly reoccurring invoice you have to create an invoice then create a subscription why not just have the hooks within the invoice function? I had been looking for this for awhile and was looking at the subscription model and discovered this mention…