Submittable document back to non submittable

Hello all,

I have changed the submittable document to non submittable. ANd I updated the server again.
But still the doctype in server shows ‘Is Submittable’ is true.

But the document has no submit button. thats fine.
But the problem is I cant set the Role permission manager.

When I add my doctype to a custom created Role, it shows the error message

For Administrator at level 0 in 'My Doctype' in row 1: Cannot set Assign Submit if not Submittable

but all are working fine in my local system…

Can anybody tell me what the pblm here is…

Is it a custom doctype?

No roles should be assigned to Administrator.

Error message seems to be correct, as Doctype in question is no more submitable. Hope someone else can assist you on

doctype in server shows ‘Is Submittable1’ is true.

Thank you @umair

Yes, it is acustom doctype.
Now administrator seems to have all roles.

Can anybody tell me why the doctype is still shows submittable in server, even after pulling the doctype which is not submittable?

"hide_heading": 0, "hide_toolbar": 0, "idx": 0, "image_view": 0, "in_create": 0, "in_dialog": 0, "is_submittable": 0, "issingle": 0, "istable": 0,

But the doctype shows…