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Stock Valuation

Hello All

One of our client has some specific requirement, which is mentioned with below point;

Suppose for one item the valuation rate is 100 in the month of may 2017, and the valuation rate of the same item gets change to 200 in june 2017, so the moment we generate combined report (may and june 2017), ERPNext shows updated valuation rate of that item i.e. 200 but in actual we need to have valuation rate as 100 in may 2017 and 200 in june 2017.

So, the query is ERPNext catching updated valuation rate i.e. 200. But, will it be possible to get the report based on the valuation rate month wise?

Looking for your feasible suggestion

Thank you

In Stock Ledger Report, you could see the item’s valuation_rate’s history on each transaction. Try putting from & to date to the particular month you require and you should get a list of valuation rates in that month.

If you dont need a list of valuation rate during a period, instead requires a single value, open Stock Balance report and set the date & item filter.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Not able to figure out how the valuation rate is picked up from the Purchase Receipt. My purchase receipt shows the item rate as 86 Rs. However the valuation rate in the stock balance report is picked up as 103.210.

Does the valuation rate also contain taxes? Anyhow for this item that tax rate is 0%

Appreciate any pointers in understanding valuation rates.

Here is the explanation, I hope it may help:

using sql we can do that for reporting as per your requirement.