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Stock Reconciliation - Stop removing items with no change

Hi all,

Does anyone know how to stop the stock reconciliations from removing the entries with no changes in quantity / valuation? I have just commented out the self.remove_items_with_no_change() function in the class validate function. Anyone know if that’s okay or not?


If there is no change in quantity or rate, why you have to do the stock reconciliation?

I am adding lots of items to the form with and without changes. I need to see that all items have been represented on the form before they get auto-deleted just to double check that nothing has been missed. Is this possible?

You have to do the checking before saving the document. Else it will be deleted. But once you submitted, you can compare with the stock balance report.

This is why i always said in my post ERPNext should start adding business rule that allow business to turn on and off function base on there need. If i dont want to remove quantity i turn off that function if i want i keep it on. That way no one have to go in the code and make the application unstable.

While in a robust “commercial” ERP system this might be possible, a volunteer based project like ERPNext cannot be expected to include such strict “ease-of-use” functions.

For the most part, the volunteer developer allocates their time to a fix for a problem and then has to go back to their real life where they can make some money doing other tasks. It would probably be better to set you expectations a little lower to something closer to just not crashing.

I realize this is not “ideal” but this is a bit closer to the reality of how this project works. In the past when I made similar observations I was informed that I could develop the feature enhancements myself and then contribute them to the system. After a few times of this, I realized it was best to be happy that it just worked.


Thank @bkm

I don’t think ERPNext vision is to “just not crash”, and our vision in the community should not be it does not crash, our vision should be it can be compare to SAP and D365 with function and capability. The point am making is in version 13 ERPNext put a lot of emphasis on validation in areas that I thing should not be hard coded. This means they are already putting in place steps to improve the application however I believe some of those validations could or should be going into a more configurable feature like business rule. overtime allow developer to contribute to business rule like how the contribute to translation.