Stock Projected Qty: What is "Reserved Qty for Production"?

In the Stock Projected Qty report as per the user manual, I could understand meanings of all the columns, expect for the Reserved Qty for Production.


When Production Order is created, reserve/planned qty should be updated for the raw-material item.

Reserved Quantity - Those many quantity you have ordered for sale.
Only Submitted Sales order will be affected ,not draft SO


Suppose SO-0001 submitted ,in that item 1 qty is 30
in SO-0002 submitted ,in that same item1 has qty=40

then your Reserved qty will be 70 for that item 1

Now ,when you actually make Delivery Note against that SO-0001 or SO-0002 then Reserved quantity get less.

There are two columns in the Stock Projected Qty report,

Had the same question

@aakvatech, when you create a “Work Order” and submit it. The required components as per the BOM are reserved in the respective “default” warehouses of the raw material required.