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Stock processing using BOM and simple items


Hi all ive been looking at ERPNext for a few years now and we are trying to move away from other erp solutions that are just not working for our business.
Our main problem is probably our internal proceedures when trying to work with rigid erp processes but i thought i’d ask the forum if there is anyone out there using erpnext in the way our business demands we handle stock.

First off we have a wide range of raw widgets on offer which we sell - each widget can be a sub section or portion of a widget and it can also be a mix of 3 very different widgets. Hence a manufactured bom to a item is probably the way forward here.
The grey area we have is we dont and cant handle the whole process order aspect of manufacturing we need the bom and items and a sale of an item to adjust the stock boms.

bit like selling cocktail in a bar we list the boms sell the cocktail and make it but dont need the paperwork in between.

using bom’s also does the raw product costs also which is vital as we have some quite complicated mixtures of widgets and subwidgets in various flavours and colours.

any pointers here? or is it my brain hasnt caught up to speak true erpnext… :slight_smile:



You can create a multi layer BOM for your widget and can cut the proses of production using the stock entry “repack”
It will be a single steps of producing your widget using the repack function.

you can refer to this Manufacturing process

or you can make a “product bundle” and group the item together for selling if you don’t need production process.