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Stock level in Item dashboard not showing v13 frappecloud


Recently noticed stock levels in item dashboard is not showing, even there is stock in the warehouse.
This issue is after v13 upgrade in frappecloud i hope. But i noticed today only.

After seeing this, I checked my fresh production install (13.0.2) and it has the same issue.

Is there a setting that I missed to turn this feature on, or is it no longer part of the Item dashboard?


We are having the same issue seeing stock level since we have updated to Version 13. The section Stock Levels disappears, then reappears. It seems to be slightly better on Chrome, but not perfect.

Wondering if it’s a bug connected to the update (#24921) that relates to stock levels.

After v13.1 upgrade also it is the same issue.
Sometime it shows some time is doesn’t.

Hi Guys,

I am facing the same issue, did you guys found any solution to it?

Is this a bug or the feature has been removed?

Please help!!

Hi anyone having solution for this.
Even after V13.2 its not showing up.

same here

Hi, just adding my input, I find that the stock levels would show up once then as I view different items I would have to perform a reload on the page to show the stock levels. I am currently on V13.2.0.


I have the same issue on my v13.2.0.

On firefox the checkbox “Maintain Stock” is not checked and on chromium it is.

On chromium I can see the stock levels once but after when I go on another item the stock levels disappear.

On firefox it never appears.

The stock levels are correctly updates though, that is good, we kind of freaked out but the stock ledger is OK.

Am haveing the same problem. I try to recreate the issue by

  1. Clear my browser cookies (warning backup your browser data before clear)

  2. Open erpnext in clean browser and you will see the stock level

  3. Navigate away from item and go back and stock level is nolonger showing

Any Answers on this dev team. This seems to be a fairly important feature that is used often. I’m on v13.6 and seeing the same. Thanks, in advance

I too am still having this issue with the latest release.

Same for me!

A fix was pushed over 2 months ago:

Specific release: