Stock Balance Report

The stock balance sheet has been updated with filters which means we can no longer see an entire list of items? i use the stock balance sheet to do reconciliation for all the items that leave the warehouse each day and this report forces us to do it item by item, please remove the filters or at least don’t make it mandatory

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Agree with you, filter should be prsent but not mandatory
So it will give complete item list as well as valuation (total value)

Hi i have same problem too , after update erpnext , i can’t get stock list for all items any more . is there any other menu to get full stock list ?

@PICK_MIX i agree with you, after the update is done, we can no longer generate the full list of Stock balance for all items. Kindly make the filter not mandatory or at least we can choose which filter we want to use in getting stock balances. thanks…

We have removed the filter from mandatory, unless number of stock ledger entries exceeds 500000.

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Thanks @nabinhait