[stable release][🇮🇳] Easy TPT/NEFT Bank Payments from HDFC Bank with ERPNext!

Hello everyone,

We finally have a stable, tested solution for easily making TPT/NEFT bank payments from HDFC Bank with ERPNext. It uses selenium for automation. I wrote about an experimental release in an earlier thread.

Based on the feedback received and testing done, I have made the following changes:

  • Since HDFC Bank discontinued Mobilebanking website we used to automate earlier, I re-wrote the implementation to make use of Netbanking website instead.
  • Various API changes have been introduced for easy adaptation with other banks.
  • A special role called Bank Payments Manager has been created for added security.
  • Support has been added for Security Questions asked by HDFC bank during payment.
  • A dialog box now prompts for Email / SMS action based on payment made.

Try it out by installing this app. (Requires manual installation of chromedriver)
For instructions on how to set it up, refer this thread.


Excellent , what about replicating for other banks, any ideas !