Some thoughts on UOM

if we add custom fields in Serial number DocType will reflect to the item qty?
i mean when selling this item it will get the qty as 1 or as how many meters in that custom field?

and in that case how this will reflect in the item stock ?

in case of having a suitable solution and depending on how much budget needed , yes i can help.

The Primary UOM for this item would be Nos (or Units). The Secondary UOM would be Meters. But rather than using the standard conversion factor given in the item master (which expects a deterministic relationship between the Promary & the Secondary UOMs, We do a little bit of a manipulation. We add the conversion factor value into the Serial Number document.

So, in your case the Serial Number DocType will look like this:

Serial Number Conversion Factor

  • Roll No x 150
  • Roll No x+1 100
  • Roll No x+2 50
  • Roll No x+3 200

This part is easy, it is when you pull the Serial Numbers into a transaction and writing the custom scripts to ensure that the transactions complete without problems; and to build reports that make sense is where the effort is involved.

Once we build a rough pilot for this to work well, we can actually think of integrating this functionality into ERPNext.

Does that sound like a plan to you?



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Hi Jay,
it seems to be fantastic plan right now.
i will study with my colleagues and inform you about any notes.

could you tell me about what is the expected budget for such project?


I was going through this thread for learning only, how stuff works about UoM. @JayRam has picked a good initiative for ERPNext community. As thoughts on this purposed on Feb’17, how far this milestone has achieved?

There are no issues linked to this thread, so not able to track. Or, this feature has been already built and contributed back to the core?

We proposed to build this customization with the expectation that Ahmed will underwrite the costs of development.

We didn’t get a go-ahead from Ahmed, so we didn’t build this. But happy to build it for you, if you are willing to underwrite the costs. Once built the functionality will be pushed back to the ERPNext code base.



No. I’ll not write cost. I’ll try to contribute this feature. Also, will not wait for “Go Ahead” notification, which was an initiative thought, in February.

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Awesome! Thank you for volunteering!



I would love such a feature also.

Could you share the cost estimate?
Seems like there are quite a few people who find this useful

Maybe we can do a crowdfunding campaign or something to get this completed

I too would contribute towards the costs involved in making this feature. Though it was suggested on another thread to use batch numbers to represent rolls. Which makes sense.

Okay, let’s scope it out. Could you please describe your business need?



What’s your business need? It would be helpful if you can describe that. Maybe there is an easy way of accomplishing that.



Thanks @JayRam. There would be two business cases:

1. Processing a Fabric roll of x meters

I have multiple rolls of fabrics, each is the same. I select the roll of fabric from my inventory based on the length, which could be:

Fabric roll of 50 meters
Fabric roll of 100 meters
Fabric roll of 300 meters
Fabric roll of 1,000 meters

The length of each roll will be arbitrary, based on previous consumption.

I would then process that fabric roll, by

(a) either sending it to manufacturing where a portion of it is converted into a “printed fabric”, with the unconverted portion returned to warehouse (with a reduced quantity),

(b) sending it to manufacturing to make a larger roll, e.g. taking the two smaller rolls of 50 and 150 meters and re-winding into a larger 150 meter roll.

(b) or I would sell the entire roll.

2. Delivering a fabric roll of x items

This use case can be akin to the concept of Packing List. I have a fabric roll of say 300 meters, which has been printed with 3 design (items) of 100 meter each. However, in my Delivery note, I want mention first the roll number, and then the items. Currently, the packing slip functionality does not allow for this roll number.

Hi Abidomar,

How about you create as many items as necessary that accurate captures Material of roll, Design, Width, thickness, etc. Make Meters the Stock UOM. Make it a Batched Item.

Now ensure that you don’t reuse batches. Each Roll has a Separate Batch Number (Just enabling Automatic Batch Numbers should address this).

Now look at Batch Wise Balance History and most of your problems should be solved.

A bit of scripting should solve your Roll Number in Packing Slip issue.

Hope this helps.



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Hi any status on the multiple variable uom. this is a requirement in our business and would be glad to support it

Hi Prashanth,

Welcome to ERPNext and here’s hoping you have a great experience with ERPNext and here on the community.

Would you please describer your requirement of multiple variable UOM in a bit more detail?