[SOLVED] Problem with Tax Templates and Tax Rules

I have a long list of customers. So I created customer groups to better handle them.

I have a group called “NC State”
Under NC State group I have “Wake Co” and “Durham Co” groups

I created 3 Tax Templates
1 called “NC State Tax” with a rate of 4.75%
1 called “Durham Co Tax” with a rate of 2.75%
1 called “Wake Co Tax” with a rate of 2.5%

I then created 3 Tax Rules
Rule 1 applies NC State Tax template if group = NC State
Rule 2 applies Durham Co Tax template if group = Durham Co
Rule 3 applies Wake Co Tax template if group = Wake Co

Remember that Durham Co and Wake Co are sub groups of NC State

So, I create a sales invoice with a customer from the Durham Co group. The invoice shows the following:
Net Total
NC State Tax
Grand Total

The additional Durham Co tax was not applied. Did I miss something in setting this up? Or is this a bug in the tax rules?

ERPNext v 10.0.12
Frappe v 10.0.12


Ok. This was a hard one to figure out, but I finally got there with the help of some other friends. (Thank you Umair)

Only one rule can be applied to any transaction. This is where I ran into trouble. I was expecting both the NC State Tax Template and the Durham Co Tax Template to be applied by the transaction using both rules.

The fix for this was to still create the NC State tax account head and the Durham county tax account head in accounts, but when it come time to apply them use multiple lines in the Durham Co Tax Template to list both types of tax.

Then I only need the Durham Co Tax Rule to apply the template that already has both the state and the county tax listed. The sales invoice then prints the 2 tax lines before the grand total.

Also as another note… It was not really needed for me to create the customer groups as counties and states. That was a waste of effort. It was actually easier to set the prinmary billing address for the customers and make sure each customer had their correct County field completed. Then all I had to do was create the Durham Co Tax rule and use the “Billing County” as the condition for applying the tax template.

I was guilt of overthinking this and the solution was actually simpler than I had imagined.

Thanks to all that sent me messages to get through this.