[SOLVED] Fetching Data from Item to Sales Order Item Not Working

I am trying to fetch item weight form Item doc to Sales Order Item doc.

I added following custom field Sales Order Item.

Custom Field Label : Net Weight
Custom Field Name : net_weight
Type : Float

I added the following custom script in Sales Order Item.


but it is not working.

I also tried bench build, restarting supervisor etc.
Kindly help me.

Hi @ligo.george,

Any error on console log?
I have tried same and it’s working fine. For more details please check below images.

  • Custom script

  • Sales Order Item

Thanks, Rohit


I tried on Sales Order Item not on Sales Order.

Yes, got is … That is the problem. It is working fine when I tired on Sales Order instead of Sales Order Item.

Thank you very much. Mr. rohit_w