SMS pack that works well with ERPNext and affordable

Hi, we would like to integrate an SMS pack for customer update Example when payment received, marketing etc. The local ISP are charging quite high per SMS. Would appreciate if the folks on this forum can share names of SMS service providers which works well with ERPNext. Also price wise competitive. All SMS would be locally sent i.e. within the country.

Appreciate your help. -> I used their service for a short period.

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@Muzzy which country u r looking for

@hereabdulla Bahrain mainly. Few customers may have KSA number as they live in Bahrain but work in KSA.

you can also look into


Will you create a new channel in Notifications doctype i.e. Frappe framework? I can work with you so we have a PR done.

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+1 for

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Hi @Basawaraj_Savalagi,

I am trying to implement Textlocal without success can u please help me with the SMS settings & SMS centre u configured.

Thanks in Advance

I am using msg91 nice and affordable