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SMS Notifications Custom App

What doctype you are trying to send sms notification on ?

Payment Entry

For now it only supports Doctypes that has fields “customer”, “supplier”, “student” and “employee”.
So it will not work on Payment Entry because it use party field

I pushed an update to support this situation
feat: better support for Dynamic Recipients in doctypes that using party field
Please try it and let me know


@youssef awesome!!! will test and provide feedback

Thanks @youssef SMS notification for payment entry now working flawlessly. Awesome work you do.

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Hello everyone, I have a problem to send notifications according to the role as I have more than territories and sales managers. When I chose sales user as a role from recipes form the app sent the notifications to all sales users not to the specific assignee only
Also when I marked to send to all assignees the notifications not send.
When I use Receiver By Document Field give me this msg