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Site has started to slow down on Chrome [V8]



Here a strange thing,

On Chrome the site takes a lot of time to load, while in Safari it is very fast.
Recently we have been added a lot of Items in the site. Around 6000 Items in total. And some other transactions. But Items is the one that we have been working the most.

On digitalOcean I see the monitoring and it does not show server overload or anything.

This is the console of Chrome:

And Safari console:


Any suggestion on this? Has anyone encountered this issue?


Should the team still be supporting [v8] given the lack of resources they have?


Any suggestion on this? Has anyone encountered this issue?

I have. But this is on v7. Only solution was to switch to a different browser.

A client uses v7 and we have the same issue with chrome AND chromium + weird bugs like:

  • Not all the options of a dropdown are displayed
  • The date widget displays a series of 1’s, 2’s and 3’s instead of the dates of the month.

The problem’s don’t appear in Firefox and Avast Secure browser.
Might be a browser thing, but could also be a problem with old libraries running on new browsers.

Haven’t encountered the problem in v9 and v10.


I will try to update. I hope I don’t have any issues with custom code.


@littlehera @adityaduggal Tried with version 10 and still the same issue. The site barely opens on Google Chrome while on Safari it opens immediately. And I do not know where to start to diagnose the issue.