Simplifiy doctype (project in this case)

First, I want to say that I love ERPNext for it’s flexibility. This software is incredible.

But what I dont like is the lots of steps and click and scrolling to make something quite simple. It’s also sometime hard and it takes time to do simple tasks and the interface is not compact enough. I hate scrolling.

So what I would like to do is to have a kind of “viewer” that we could add in doctypes to view other doctype or report stuff.

First example,

I’ll use the Projects to manage work we have to do on cars in the shop.
I need to have a list of all the stuff we need to do to each cars so the tast list is perfect for that.
But, when my employee need to check what to do. They have to open the task list find the task, click on each task

It would be nice to have a “Custom report viewer” directly in the project doctype. This way, you open the project and you see right away the task list to do and description (like the custom report, you decide what you want to display). You could edit the description and check if the task is done or not without having to open the task list form, then click on the task and them submit the document and etc.

Do you think it would be possible to do something like that? That would be much easier and quicker this way.
I would implement this in many other documents (like in the item doctype to see the pricelist instead of not being able to see the price of the item directly in the item doctype).

If not, my other solution for the project, is to simply not use the task and just create a table with text field to list all the things to do for this project with a simple check box when it’s done.

Same thing for timesheets in the project.

Let me know what you think and if you have other ideas.

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I’m almost able to do what I would like by adding HTML row in the customize form and inserting an iframe and I can put the tasklist web address.

I just need to find a way to make this look better. If I could only get the code for the report builder instead of having to deal with the whole page it would be much better.