Show currency symbol in html page

I have a currency datatype and along with value I would like to show currency symbol.

  		<table class="table borderless" style="width: 100%">
  		{% for d in repair_item_specification -%}
  				<td class="text-muted" style="width: 30%;">{{ d.item }}</td>
  				<td><div>{{ d.price}}</div></td>

  		{%- endfor %}

It just shows value with decimal but no symbol. What should be done?! thanks


{{ d.get_formatted("price") }}

Hi rohit,

I did tried that but no success

<td><div>{{ d.get_formatted("price") }}</div></td>

TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not callable

format_currency(d.price, currency_name)

Set your currency in currency_name

No Luck,
{%= format_currency(d.price, “EUR”) %}
It gives error

<td><div>{%= format_currency(d.price, "EUR") %}</div></td>

TemplateSyntaxError: tag name expected

@rohit_w any pointer will be helpful. I went through all post and tried various things but no result. thanks

{{ get_currency_symbol(d.currency) }} {{ d.price }}

I’m not sure whether this is the ideal solution, but should get the work done.

<td>{%= get_currency_symbol(d.currency) %}</td>

TemplateSyntaxError: tag name expected

Are you using Jinja2 or microtemplating?

I also tried as advised

{{ get_currency_symbol(d.currency) }} UndefinedError: 'get_currency_symbol' is undefined

It appears on html the defaults are not available whereas same works in desk