Show all active branch

i have lots of branch. i have button called Get All Active branches. when i click on this button, i should get all the active branches in below table.

the error is:

my code:

#Populate branches with active branches 
def get_all_branches(self):
	query = "select name as branch from tabBranch where is_disabled != 1" 
	entries = frappe.db.sql(query, as_dict=True)
	self.set('items', [])

	for d in entries:
		row = self.append('items', {})

.js code:

cur_frm.add_fetch(“employee”, “user_id”, “user”)
cur_frm.add_fetch(“employee”, “branch”, “current_branch”)

frappe.ui.form.on(‘Assign Branch’, {
refresh: function(frm) {

get_all_branch: function(frm) {
		method: "get_all_branches",
		doc: frm.doc,
		callback: function(r, rt) {


In your python file, get_all_branches is inside the AssignBranch class right ?

If not, indent it so that its inside the class and then try it again ?