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Shift Management - domain knowledge requested


Dear Community,

We are trying to develop Time Management Solution in ERPNext,for that we need complete domain knowledge on Shift Management,if anybody can share the domain expertise,it will be heavily useful to integrate time Management in ERPNext.

Thanks and Regards,
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Are you trying to do something different than this one ?


@root13F yes exactly but still is missing many things in time management…for Instance. Break Time,Grace Time,First Half Status,Second Half Status,etc.



You can check my customizations in shift type doctype, which are basically used for validations in the attendance for time based attendance.


sure @adityaduggal thanks for sharing.



Tagging @fkardame as he understands shift managent in ZK Teco Web server. He would be able to assist you.


There are many things to look into.
Like the following:

  1. Timetable
  2. Shift
  3. Schedule

Timetable consist of

  1. Check In Start Time
  2. Check In Time
  3. Check In End Time
  4. Check Out Start Time
  5. Check Out Time
  6. Check Out End Time
  7. Late Arrival Grace time
  8. Early Exit Grace Time.

Start and end time here is the window in which, if the employee punch between this window the system will automatically understand if it is Check in or Check Out. Only if the given shift is assigned to that employee.

Shift consist of the the Days of the week and the timetables assigned to these days.
1 Day can have multiple time tables but cannot have any overlapping one.

Schedule Consist of Employee and the shifts.
Shifts will be assigned to the employee from Start date till End date.

If you need more details you can access the demo server online.
Login: admin
Password: admin

Hope this helps.


This is definitely seems like a core requirement.

@hereabdulla Let’s work together to add/build upon this by @creamdory ? -

@fkardame 1. Is the app in the link connected with ERPNext?
2. How are night shifts (eg. starting 10pm to morning 6am) accounted for?


@LifeP sure we can do