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Share your development setup. Here is mine

Hi all,

as development system, I use

  • Windows or Debian GNU/Linux as host machine (can be really anything)
  • Oracle VirtualBox to contain the dev images
  • Debian Stretch amd64 with LXDE as a virtual guest (I have a fresh install with Geany and MySQL Workbench which I clone to do new stuff; each guest should have 2 vCPUs, 2-4 GB RAM, 16 GB disk; guest connected using NAT, mapped to localhost:8080)
  • Install ERPNext from the Easy Install:

The good thing is that when things are really messed up you can simply go back to a previous snapshot, or take a fresh clone from the original image.

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Yes what relief and assurance that spells - when at an impasse and all else fails, to be able to simply backout to an old snapshot/checkpoint working state, and resume from there once more with your changes - that is the cat’s meow!


Can someone make a video of this setting up and show making a few changes to testing and deploying.