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Setup Email Account fail : Error : Not Saved [ AWS Cloud EC2 ]


Hello Community,

I am setting up email domain and email account in my site but it is not able to save.

Server : AWS EC2
frappe 10.1.51
erpnext 10.1.58

AWS outbound all port open.

What is wrong here, is any configuration i am missing ?


Hello Hardik,

Kindly share the snapshots of your Email Account Settings…

In that way i’ll be able to help you out.


Email Domain

Email Account

It Shows Not Saved. nothing happen when i am saving this.


You dont have to set all fields just set up your email,password,enable outgoing,default outgoing and service as gmail.


@lokesh Thanks For Your Words.

But i have done this setup so many times with same configuration for gmail and it works fine everytime. But now it’s not working in this production setup in AWS.