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Setting up ERPNext on Windows

Hello Team,

Kindly help.

How can i install or configure ERPNext on windows pplatform or github

There’re mainly 3 ways to setup ERPNext on Windows. (You cannot install ERPNext directly on windows, you have to use some kind of VM or WSL)

  1. Windows Subsystem for Linux > [Tutorial] How To install ERPNext V12 on windows 10 home / Pro WSL ubuntu 18.04LTS

  2. Linux virtual machine >

  3. Docker (My personal choice) > or


Hi pipech,

when did you think you change your ERPNext Docker File to Debian 10 Buster?


and can I run and customize the demo one on erpnext website or github account?

Currently doesn’t work. Maybe after it has been fix I’ll give it a try.

So maybe in like 1-2 months. (Currently I’ve been very busy.)


You could start free trial and do basic customization via web ui but you can’t modify any python or javascript code. To do that you need to set up your own environment.

Hello, did you know this tutorial:

By Josphat Mutai January 2, 2020


As far as I know, @saifi0102, @cpurbaugh and I have all gotten ERPNext installed on windows 10 using windows subsystem for linux. It should not (ever, not one time, don’t even think about it) be run in production. The performance is poor, but it works and is much better experience than using a VM. The big trick is usually aliasing bench start to also start mariadb and maybe Redis. Also windows terminal isn’t awesome, so if you want better developer experience install hyper. Also don’t expect much support because very few people are doing this.