Set Value in select type field

I want to set value in select type field.
Is the possible through custom script or not ?

if it is possible please help!

You can set the Options for select field using Customize form.

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Hi @shreya115 thank you for reply

but i have already set the options for select type.

what i am exactly try to doing ?

  1. In Lead doctype i have multiple fields for mobile number.
  2. In other doctype i have given one select type field to store mobile numbers.

Can you please elaborate your use-case?

You have multiple numbers in Lead and in another doctype you would want all those numbers to be in select field, or am I missing something here?


yes, you are right.
this is what i am exactly want.

Can you post screenshots as an example? Which type of fields are in the Lead DocType, which is the other DocType and how it is linked with Lead? Also, when would you like it to be triggered?

even that !

2 fields are there both type are data.

there is one field i.e lead_name which are linked to the Lead. and when user will select the particular lead then mobile number list show in one field which is select type field.

Why are you adding that HTML code? Any special use-case? You can add a simple Select field and update the options from the fields in Lead.

This should help you out.


that’s worked !
thank you so much.:+1:

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