Send Email template from Python: Jinja doesn't work

I’m having an issue with the Email Template :
I’m sending the email from Python

doc = frappe.get_doc('Terms and Conditions Integrator', terms_conditions_name)
recipient = self.contact_email
    recipients = [recipient],
    **get_email_template('Terms and Conditions Update', {'doc': doc})

here’s my Email Template:

Some Text.................
Name: {{ name }}
Language: {{ language }}
Other Text............

The problem is the Jinja: it doesn’t change. The clients receive the Jinja instead of the actual text.

I’ve tested the doc that I’m sending and it contains all the right information, so I don’t get why it doesn’t display it. I also tried to do {{ }} instead of {{ name }}, but when I save, I get:

Any idea?