Select Shipping Address in Purchase Order does not work


i am using ERPNext: v10.0.18 (master), Frappe Framework: v10.0.18 (master).

and i found the “Select Shipping Address” in Purchase Order does not work, it cannot search any address even address had been linked with supplier.

please check. thank you.

I am also having the same problem. Anyone has the solution?

Can you just send a screenshot of when you click on the Select Shipping Address field?

Also, just make sure once that the address is linked with supplier master

I’ve linked the shipping address to the suppliers, but when I create new Purchase Order, the address doesn’t appear and I have to create a new address.

However, when I check in the supplier list, the shipping address is listed under the supplier.

Sorry I don’t know how to attach the screenshot here.

Also I just realised that the shipping address appears on the Select Supplier Address instead of Select Shipping Address

Open ERPNext in latest version of Firefox. Next to the url bar you will see a snip sign. Snip the area, choose copy button and paste it in the reply section. Image will be uploaded here.

I am also facing the same issue. Even a address is linked to the supplier as preferred shipping address nothing appears under select shipping address field when we try to create a new new purchase order against that supplier. Please find below the screenshot…

Did you ever find a solution? I’m finding this exact behavior as well.

We’ve been using a workaround. When you create a new address, and then jump back via the search bar to the actual address you want, and then click save, the form will auto-populate with the most recent address you saved.

It’s a bug of some sort, but outside of that, there’s no other way to fill out the shipping address field without having to retype the address every time.

if you know the exact name you typed into the shipping address you want, if you paste that in, it will work. The bug is that the search function doesn’t work, and also it does not auto-populate a list of options when you start typing. I find pasting in the exact spelling of the address I setup does indeed work for me.

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