Select option in query report filter

@Sangram, thanks a lot for your time… I will try your suggestion

Instead of multiple select for dynamic columns, I’m planning to implement it using a button, which on click shows a pop up with all options. The user can then select any number of columns he wants to include in the report dynamically

@Sangram Is there a way I can add this filter dynamically? If I show a pop up with a list of all possible columns, once user selects the required columns, can I add that as a filter (like the one you mentioned with fieldtype data) dynamically? This will help me refresh the report right?

@Sangram Thank you for your guidance. That helped me proceed in the right direction.
I updated the filter dynamically (type Data) using frappe.set_route and reloaded the report page using frappe.query_report.load(). This solution works fine for me

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I am interested on what was done. Is there a possibility for you to share the code that you wrote with set_route?

Thanks for this help

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