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Select from another Report

I am writing a Query Report script and would like to include the customer’s credit balance. As far as I know this is only located in the customer credit balance report which wont work as it seems reports are not tables in erpnext. What is the best way to go about this??

Select the record from another report is not possible.
You can write a query report to fetch the value you want.

Would I call it ‘tabCustomer Credit Balance’? Or is it a different abbreviation since it’s a report? When I tried this it gives an error saying “tabCustomer Credit Balance’ does not exist”. I already have other values selected and joined from other doctypes but am getting this one error when trying to select from the credit report in the query

For each DocType there is a MariaDB table at the backend, Report doesn’t have any table the data of the report is fetched either from single doctype (table) or using joins from multiple tables, Here tabYourDocType is just a MariaDB table name. So you cannot use tabReportName to fetch values from another report. Just write a query to fetch data from another report.

Refer this for query report